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非商科出身的MBA推荐信范文长啥样 医科大院长只谈了申请者学习成绩

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非商科出身的MBA推荐信范文长啥样 医科大院长只谈了申请者学习成绩图1

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Dear Sir or Madam

I am President of College of Public Health of Shanghai Medical University, one of the most prestigious medical schools in China. Having been a teacher of Health Statistics in Miss Marva Han‘s class, I have known her since 1992. Through years’contact, I have gained a profound understanding of her. She has proved herself to be a student of unusual talent and personal charm. Thus I regard it as a personal honor to recommend such a promising young woman to study in your Graduate School.


She was one of the Top 10 students in her home city when entering our university in the year of 1992. But she has never rested on the laurel of her superb college entrance examinations scores. Thanks to her enduring diligence and effective studying habit, she had been a scholarship winner all through the four college years. She was an efficient student, apt to gain the best results within the least time. Her GRE scores can explicitly prove this. What’s more, her comprehension and analytical abilities had also given me with very deep impression. She could usually bring up thought-provoking questions and constructive suggestions by applying a series of logical reasoning methods such as induction and deduction in her complex reasoning process. All these talents had made her conspicuously outstanding among her peers.

Her graduation thesis Acrilonitrile’s Toxic Effect on Cytomembrane of Erythrocyte was named First Class Paper by the papers evaluation team for her unique selection of thesis topic, meticulous observations and explicit exposition. Her thesis subject belongs to the domain of environmental toxicology, which has significant guidance to practical applications. This prize-winning thesis cost her four months’hard work and had well demonstrated her aptitude to be a conscientious researcher. She was always trying her best to keep abreast with the latest development of her field by all means, for example, she actively attended academic conferences of all sorts such as "Modern Professional Medical Development and Problems", etc, which also had deeply impressed me.


With her solid academic foundation, conscientious studying and research attitude and many years‘ working experience, along with her good English communicating ability, she has fully prepared herself to be a qualified applicant for a higher level of study and research of her field. I am confident enough to assert that her personal qualities under your famous teaching and research environment will enable this promising young woman to give this world her best performance.


In the end of my letter, I‘d like to say it‘s an honor to recommend such a promising student to study in your prestigious university, and your positive evaluation would be appreciated.


Yours Sincerely


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