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布鲁内尔大学2017文书范文分享 NBC副总裁用演讲把我带入MBA的“坑”

2017年12月15日13:48 来源:小站整理作者:小站留学编辑
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在英国122所高校中,布鲁内尔大学的教学质量位居前15% 。布鲁内尔大学的工程、法律和财经学科一直位于英国大学专业排名前十名,在官方评估中曾获得过最高分的肯定。今日将与大家分享成功申请该校的优质文书2篇,一篇来自经济学专业,另一篇则来自工商管理专业,看看当下最火热的留学专业申请文书长啥样。

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布鲁内尔大学2017文书范文分享 NBC副总裁用演讲把我带入MBA的“坑”图1




My interest in studying economics is born from my growing up in the wake of an economic crisis that affects both my present and my future. The huge rise in unemployment and poverty that followed the great recession are things that mean my generation face a great struggle as we leave education and enter the working world. Economics is a subject grounded in that which effects the lives of people all over the world today; it is constantly evolving and growing and there is always more to be found and learnt which I believe makes it a truly brilliant subject. few other subjects have foundations in both maths and human nature, but I believe that economics is something which really allows people to see how the two connect.

I spent a lot of time reading about world events and watching the news, and learning about the horrors and troubles faced by the entire world all the time is something that fuels my passion for economics. I believe that as far as we have come as a race, there is still so much further we can go, and so many more ways we can improve, by growing and learning, the lives of people around the globe. I think studying economics at university can help me to change the world – to truly effect lives and improve them for the better, to narrow the wealth gap that allows few to live in luxury and many to suffer poverty, when that need not be the case.

At as-level I studied mathematics, English Literature, Physics and Economics. Studying economics at as-level was one of the first times if truly encountered the subject, and learning it with little to no prior knowledge only made it that much more interesting to discover. I find both micro and macro economics hugely intriguing to learn, as both play a part in the way that countries are run globally, and I feel that understanding and employing knowledge of both are essential for the betterment of societies everywhere.

Although I used to believe that maths, while enjoyable for me, had no roots in the real world, economics is something that really showed me how very much it does. This means that I am very keenly interested in the mathematical side of maths – econometrics is one of my favourite disciplines within economics. I find it so interesting because it seems to me that using these models and equations we can predict humanity’s behaviour, and almost tell the future. In that regard one can almost see economics as being magical; it incites a passionate interest me and I would love to take the subject on to a deeper knowledge.

I recently did work experience at a management practice, which helped me develop my organizational skills and taught me a lot about businesses and management, two areas which are heavily entrenched in economic theory. I spent much of my time there working closely with the manager and owner of the company, and learnt directly from him what it took to start up and effectively run his business. Many of the things I learnt from him were echoes of that which I learnt from economics, and the reality of how theory is applied in the real world is another reason I want to study economics so much.

I’ve always been passionate about trying new things and learning new skills, and generally try to overcome any challenges that come my way without backing down. As a member of a girls guiding unit I learned a lot about how to work as part of a team, and also gained leadership skills as I entered the senior section and I worked for my young leaders qualification. Working towards my gold Duke of Edinburgh award has taught me a lot about long term commitment and dedication, and has motivated me to pursue many different new interests, such as Ju Jitsu lessons. The pursuit of this martial art gave me a lot of new self confidence as I learnt self defence, and it has also taught me a lot about self discipline.


1. 本文在首段中叙述在经济危机中长大的故事,开篇即树立了宏大视角,并提到了文章的一大核心主题——经济连接数学与人性。这一独特观点成功吸引招生官,且下文也着力于谈申请者如何学习使用数学,与经济建立联系。

2. 3、3、4段大部分是在谈申请者的知识架构,申请者了解世界大事,学习数学、英语文学、物理和经济,对数学的热爱最后扎根在经济上——计量经济学。

3. 倒数第二段则是申请者在管理方面的实践活动,是将理论学习运用到实际中的体现。建议在谈到这一段实习经历时尽可能具体化对象,显得真实可信。




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